Social Security Experience Panels: change of circumstances and debt repayment - visual summary

This visual summary summarises the results from 10 focus groups and an online survey with Experience Panel members. The research explored how contact about changes of circumstances should work for clients of Social Security Scotland, along with how debt should be repaid.

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Clients reporting changes to Social Security Scotland

We asked survey respondents how they would like to inform Social Security Scotland about a change of circumstances.

Over half of respondents (51 per cent) said that they would want to notify Social Security Scotland online.

Over a fifth (22 per cent) said that they would want to notify Social Security Scotland over the phone.

Other respondents want to inform Social Security Scotland through face to face contact.

Several said that they would like to use FREEPOST letters. A few said they would want to make contact through their social worker.

Focus groups participants described a number of reasons why they might not want to report a change of circumstances.

Lack of trust in the system

Unfriendly and hard to reach staff

Difficult to know when to report a change of circumstances if you have a fluctuating condition

Fear and uncertainty about reassessments

Some suggested having quick and simple tools to make it easier to get in touch with staff.

Some wanted an online call-back booking system. They described wanting to request that a client advisor gave them a ring at a convenient time.

"I'd like an appointment system – where I can ask them to call me back in these hours."

"Even if it's just going online and saying 'change of address' and then allows someone to call you back when you are free and ask for information."



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