Social Security - Adult Disability Payment consultation: Scottish Government response - easy read

An easy read version of the Scottish Government's response to the Adult Disability Payment consultation.


Some were concerned about Social Security Scotland practitioners needing 2 years' experience before they can carry out a consultation. Some thought that practitioners should have more than 2 years' experience of working in this profession. Some people wondered if all practitioners would have the right kind of training and experience.

Scottish Government Reply

We will make sure that consultations are done by qualified staff employed by Social Security Scotland. They will have two years' work experience after getting their qualification. This means many will have three years of experience while getting their qualification and two years after that.

We have heard from people with experience of assessments. They said they were often not listened to or believed by an assessor. We are making changes to fix this problem.

Practitioners will have the right kind of training and qualifications to do consultations properly. They will always be fair and respectful.



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