Social Security - Adult Disability Payment consultation: Scottish Government response - easy read

An easy read version of the Scottish Government's response to the Adult Disability Payment consultation.

Residency and Presence Rules

Most agreed with the draft rules, saying they would make sure the system was fair. They said they would help to make things fair and flexible.

A small number said that the 'past presence test' that says people have to have been living in Great Britain for 104 weeks in the last 156 weeks, would discriminate against some individuals. It was suggested that the past presence test be reduced or dropped. Suggested shorter time periods included 26 weeks (or six months).

Scottish Government Reply

We have listened to the feedback about residency, presence rules and the 'past presence test'. Since the consultation was launched, a change has been made to the rules to reduce the past presence test from 104 out of 156 weeks to 26 out of 52 weeks.



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