Social Security - Adult Disability Payment consultation: Scottish Government response - easy read

An easy read version of the Scottish Government's response to the Adult Disability Payment consultation.

Disability Assistance for Working Age People Overview and Eligibility

Most agreed with the rules and felt they were clear.

Several people felt that the measurement to be entitled to the payment was too narrow. It may not understand the impact of certain disabilities and health conditions.

The rule of the short distance an individual can walk for the mobility component was focused on. The same rule is used in Personal Independence Payment. Some felt this was a barrier for some people. Some people thought that this rule should be thought about again or removed.

Another important point was the rule that an individual must be affected by their condition on at least half the days in every month to qualify. A few organisations commented that they considered this inflexible.

Some comments asked for it to be clearer how the impact of carrying out activities would be taken into account.

Most supported our idea to invite clients to a consultation where it is the only way of deciding entitlement.

Some raised concerns about keeping the points scoring system. Most respondents wanted a clear and easy to understand system. They also asked that no one has a loss of eligibility because of the introduction of Adult Disability Payment.

Scottish Government Reply

We have taken actions to apply the rules fairly. This will make sure the impact of a disability or health condition is considered.

These changes will improve how decisions are made. We will aim to collect information from a formal source, such as from a GP or a support worker. This information only needs to agree that the individual's condition is the same as the needs on their application.

This is a change from the current system which needs supporting information for each difficulty. We also know that information can be provided by a client's family, friends, or unpaid carers. The Scottish Government will consider all information.

At a consultation if a Healthcare Professional sees something they must tell the client what they think this means.

This is a change to the current system where assumptions about the client can be made without telling them during a PIP assessment.

A fairer use of the reliability criteria will be used. The reliability criteria is if someone can complete an activity safely, to a standard, repeatedly, and in time. This will be supported by more information and guidance for case managers

Changes have been made to how we measure how people are entitled.

Staff will speak to the client to understand the full impact of their disability or health condition. Guidance and tools will be available so environmental, cultural and social factors are looked at.

To protect individuals as we move from Personal Independence Payment to Adult Disability Payment, we will keep the rules of how we measure who is entitled almost the same.

Changes to the rules now might put people's payments at risk. The Department for Work and Pensions may decide that Adult Disability Payment cannot be seen the same as Personal Independence Payment.

They may remove entitlement to some other benefits you can get if you get this benefit.



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