Social Security - Adult Disability Payment consultation: Scottish Government response - easy read

An easy read version of the Scottish Government's response to the Adult Disability Payment consultation.

Case transfer

Most agreed that there was a need for a smooth transition between benefits. But most were also worried that the problems with Personal Independence Payment would carry over to the new system and it would not be any better.

Some respondents said that good communication would be needed to make those eligible for Adult Disability Payment aware that they would not have to apply for it. They would also have to be reassured that they would not be getting less money.

Several were concerned that people would 'lose out' as a result of case transfer. There were concerns that some might lose the enhanced mobility benefit from Disability Living Allowance.

Scottish Government Reply

People who already get disability benefits from the DWP will not need to complete a new application to Adult Disability Payment when it launches.

We will think about the best way to communicate with these people about the changes. We understand that we need to reassure people who are worried about their benefits.



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