Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2011

A detailed overview of landings of sea fish; the Scottish fishing fleet; and the number of sea fishermen employed.


In 2011, Scottish based vessels landed 359 thousand tonnes of sea fish and shellfish into the UK and abroad with a value of £501 million, the highest value in real terms this century. This represents a two per cent decrease in quantity but a 13 per cent increase in value in real terms compared to 2010.

There were 2,095 active Scottish based vessels in 2011, the smallest number of vessels ever recorded, and three per cent less than in the previous year. Over the same period, the number of fishermen employed in the Scottish catching sector has decreased to 4,996 in 2011, the lowest number ever recorded and a decrease of four per cent from 2010.

Quantity and value of landings of all species by Scottish vessels

Quantity and value of landings of all species by Scottish vessels

This Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics publication provides a detailed overview of the quantity and value of landings of sea fish and shell fish by Scottish vessels and landings into Scotland. Landings data are provided according to;

  • Vessel nationality
  • Country and district of landing
  • Area of capture
  • Fishing gear used
  • Vessel size

Data is also provided on landings by other UK vessels. All landings data are given in terms of live weight.

This publication also provides information on;

  • Size and composition of the Scottish fleet
  • Number of fishermen on Scottish vessels
  • Fishing effort by Scottish vessels in the cod recovery zone

All tables presented here are available for download as spreadsheets from the Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics website.


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