Scottish Management of Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan 2014-18 (ScotMARAP2)

A document detailing the action plan for the management of antimicobial resistance 2014-18 in Scotland.

Action Plan: Scottish Microbiology and Virology Network (SMVN)

The role of SMVN is to provide professional leadership and a national network for medical microbiology and in the context of ScotMARAP 2 support rapid clinical diagnosis to optimise antimicrobial prescribing.

All diagnostic disciplines are moving into an era of rapid / molecular technology and are most rapidly evolving within Clinical Microbiology and Virology due to the emergence of novel pathogens (e.g. respiratory viruses) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) mechanisms and the requirement for expeditious treatment and implementation of infection prevention and control measures. This dovetails with the Public Health Microbiology strategy in Scotland to implement new, molecular technology in order to support national and international objectives on surveillance of infectious diseases and epidemic preparedness. This development work will be progressed via the overarching CARS group.

The key deliverables for SMVN are:

  • Continue to support stewardship programmes through daily case management, membership of AMTs and implementation of SAPG initiatives. (Area 2)
  • Assess new diagnostics in identifying pathogens, antimicrobial resistance testing and molecular technologies to optimise diagnosis and antimicrobial treatment of infections. (Area 2)
  • Develop and endorse National laboratory protocols for standardised methodologies to facilitate diagnosis and antimicrobial treatment of infections. (Area 2)
  • Contribute to surveillance systems using national reporting structures. (Area 5)
  • Agree in partnership with National reference laboratories criteria for submission of organisms for further identification. (Area 2)


Email: Andrew Wilkinson

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