Scottish Management of Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan 2014-18 (ScotMARAP2)

A document detailing the action plan for the management of antimicobial resistance 2014-18 in Scotland.

Action Plan: Pharmacists' responsibilities

Safe, rational and effective use of medicines is the responsibility of all registered pharmacists across hospital and community settings. In the context of ScotMARAP 2 all pharmacists must ensure they have adequate knowledge of management of infection and appropriate antimicrobial use.

The key objectives for pharmacists are:

  • Ensure that all use of antimicrobials is safe, rational, appropriate and follows local policy. (Area 2)
  • Monitor antimicrobial therapy to optimise efficacy to incorporate timely IV to oral switch, de-escalation from broad to narrow spectrum in line with culture and sensitivity results and dose optimisation of therapy for drugs with a narrow therapeutic range. (Area 2)
  • Monitor patients receiving antimicrobial therapy for adverse drug events. (Area 2)
  • Engage with opportunities for education and training on antimicrobials and management of infection. (Area 3)
  • Support patients and carer's understanding of antibiotic use to reduce unnecessary use. (Area 3)


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