Scottish Management of Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan 2014-18 (ScotMARAP2)

A document detailing the action plan for the management of antimicobial resistance 2014-18 in Scotland.

Action Plan: Infection Prevention and Control Teams (IPCTs)

The role of IPCTs is to develop, implement and monitor procedures to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infection to patients, staff and visitors. In the context of ScotMARAP 2 the role of IPCTs is to work collaboratively with local AMTs and patient safety teams to ensure an integrated approach to infection prevention and control and antimicrobial management planned programmes.

The key deliverables for IPCTs are:

  • AMT and related committee representation. (Area 2)
  • Joint working on specific projects relating to AMR and antimicrobial prescribing. (Area 2)
  • Ensuring appropriate AMT involvement in outbreak control/ clinical incidents/surgical site infections where antimicrobial prescribing may be implicated e.g. CDI, SAB, MDRGNB. (Area 2)
  • Ensuring alignment of local infection prevention and control management education programmes with local antimicrobial management education programmes. (Area 3)
  • Ensuring local surveillance of key alert organisms, including multi-drug resistant organisms is shared with AMTs and along with AMT surveillance data is used to determine local priorities for joint action. (Area 5)


Email: Andrew Wilkinson

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