Scottish Housing Market Review: Q4 2022

Quarterly bulletin collating a range of statistics on the Scottish housing market, such as house prices and transactions, rental trends, cost and availability of finance, etc.

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8. Homelessness

There have been no new homelessness statistics published since the Q3 Scottish Housing Market Review; the next update is scheduled for 31st January 2023.

As illustrated in Chart 8.1, 2021/22 saw 35,230 homelessness applications in Scotland, an annual increase of 2.8% (+944), but this remains below the pre-pandemic level of 37,060 in 2019/20. 28,882 households were assessed as being homeless (including those threatened with homelessness), an increase relative to 2020/21 of 3.0% (+840) but again below pre-pandemic levels of 31,612. The 28,882 households assessed as being homeless included 32,592 adults and 14,372 children. There were 13,945 households in offered temporary accommodation as at 31 March 2022, an annual increase of 4.4% (+586).

On a per capita basis, West Dunbartonshire has the highest number of households assessed as homeless per 100,000 population (aged 16+) in 2021/22, at 1,404. This compares to a Scottish average of 632.

Chart 8.1 Homelessness in Scotland to 31 March 2022 (Annual)
Chart 8.1 outlines the annual amount of homelessness in Scotland. In particular, the number of homelessness applications, those who are assessed as homeless (including those threatened with homelessness) and the number of people in temporary accommodation each year. This is shown from 2002-2003 to 2021-2022.

Source: Scottish Government



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