Rural Payments and Inspections Division (RPID): customer satisfaction survey 2021

The RPID customer satisfaction survey was held throughout August and the first week of September and all RPID Single Application Form customers were included. The survey was entirely online and 2147 (14%) of customers completed the survey.

Online behaviours

Internet use

How often customers use the internet (by age of customer)
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In the 2013 survey, 11% used the internet weekly.

The vast majority (97%) of RPID customers use the internet at least weekly, and most commonly use it multiple times a day (52%) or daily (38%).

The following are more likely to use the internet multiple times a day:

  • Younger customers (68%) than older customers (39%).
  • Other businesses (65%) than farmers (52%) and crofters (49%).

Q19: How often do you use the internet (either for work or personal use)? Base (all): 2,147

Social media

Of customers who use social media, an even proportion of people reported they would find information and news updates from RPID via social media useful (39%) and not useful (38%).

There were differences in reported usefulness by business type, job role and age. All of the following (who use social media) were more likely to consider information and news updates via social media as useful:

  • Crofters (45%, compared with 38% of farmers and 28% of other businesses);
  • Tenants (47%, compared with 37% of owners); and
  • Younger customers (59%, compared with 30% of older customers).

In the 2013 survey, 48% reported they would find it useful if RPID were to provide information and new via social media.

Agreement with usefulness of providing information via social media
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Q23: RPID provide information and news via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. How useful do you find this? Base (all who use social media): 1,379. White circles are used to highlight significant differences instead of red circles due to the bar colour.



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