Rural Payments and Inspections Division (RPID): customer satisfaction survey 2021

The RPID customer satisfaction survey was held throughout August and the first week of September and all RPID Single Application Form customers were included. The survey was entirely online and 2147 (14%) of customers completed the survey.


The research data was gathered via an online survey disseminated to all RPID customers on the sample database with a valid email address.

Sample was provided directly by the Scottish Government. As well as contact information, the local RPID area office for each customer was appended to the data.

Due to the nature of online surveys (sample is self-selecting), no quotas were applied to the data. Data fell out naturally, broadly in line with the customer profile.

In all, 2,147 customers across Scotland responded to the survey; a response rate of 14%.

Fieldwork took place between 6th August and 6th September 2021.

The margin of error associated with the data is between ±0.39% and ±1.97%. These are calculated at the 95% confidence interval (market research industry standard).

The distribution of survey responses by area office was compared to the sample database. The respondent profile was broadly in line with the database, which would suggest the findings are representative of RPID's customer base. The profile of the sample in terms of customer type was also broadly consistent with previous findings. A high level of confidence can therefore be placed in the representative nature of the results and no weighting has been applied to the 2021 data based on customer profile or area.

Due to differences in the methodology and sample between the 2013 wave and the 2021 wave (agents were not included in the 2021 survey, and the 2013 wave used a multi-mode telephone-online approach), no weighting has been applied to match 2021 to 2013 data.



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