Biodiversity duty report 2018 to 2020

Report detailing how the Scottish Government furthered the conservation of biodiversity when exercising its functions, during the period 2018 to 2020 inclusive.

7. Environmental Quality And Circular Economy

Environmental Quality

Deposition of acidic pollutants leads to acidification of the environment, which damages ecosystems and reduces biodiversity. Cleaner Air for Scotland – the Road to a Healthier Future (CAFS), provides a national framework which set out the actions for the Scottish Government and its partner organisations to achieve further reductions in air pollution. These actions are focused on reducing transport emissions, air quality built into placemaking decisions and Scottish Government's climate change ambitions. Achievement of these actions is set out in Cleaner Air for Scotland – Progress report 2018-19 Cleaner air for Scotland: progress report 2018-2019 - (

An independent review of CAFS was undertaken in 2019, with revision on CAFS taking place during 2020.

Circular Economy

Developing a circular economy helps reduce impact on the need for virgin resources thereby helping to protect habitats and the natural environment. We have done this in a number of ways:



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