Scottish Employer Skills Survey 2020: Technical Report

Technical report for the Scottish Employer Skills Survey 2020.

Appendix D: Scottish ESS 2020 questionnaire deletions

Table 11: Scottish ESS 2020 questionnaire deletions
Question reference Stage removed Question text
D1 Pre-pilot Thinking now about your <number of staff from A1> current staff, roughly how many of them are qualified to SCQF Level 7 or above - by Level 7 I mean a degree level qualification or higher, or HNCs, Advanced Highers or SVQ level 3?
F1 Post-pilot Does your establishment have any of the following…?
  • A business plan that specifies the objectives for the coming year
  • A training plan that specifies in advance the level and type of training your employees will need in the coming year
  • A budget for training expenditure
F3 Post-pilot And approximately what proportion of your staff have an annual performance review?
F9 Post-pilot Over the last 12 months which occupations have you arranged or funded training for [whether on- or off-the-job]?
F10 Pre-pilot You said you had arranged or funded training for <F8 figure or f8ran range> staff in the last 12 months, including any who have since left. How many of these were <read out in turn each answer from F9> …
F10chk Pre-pilot You said that in the last 12 months that you trained <F8> staff, but the sum of the occupations that you have trained total <sum of F10>. Do you wish to amend the overall figure or the number within each occupation?
F11 Pre-pilot Over the last 12 months, on average, how many days training and development [whether on- or off-the-job] have you arranged for each member of staff receiving training?
F11chk Pre-pilot Can I just check that, on average, each member of staff receiving training and development has received [insert answer from f11 if gave absolute figure or "more than 20" if code 13 on don't know range] days training over the last 12 months?
F15 Pre-pilot Does your establishment formally assess whether the training and development received by an employee has an impact on their performance?
F16 Pre-pilot Is your establishment currently accredited with the Investors in People Standard?
G1A Pre-pilot And does your establishment have any of the following pay and incentive schemes for your employees?
G2 Pre-pilot Do you have processes in place to allow you to identify "high potential" or talented individuals within your establishment?
I3 Pre-pilot Investment in Training survey re-contact permissions (not conducted in the 2020 survey)



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