Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2019/20: main findings

Main findings from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2019/2020, including self-completion findings covering the period 2018/19 to 2019/20.

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Annex D: Drug Categories and Classifications

2018/20 Drugs Drugs Wheel Category[170] Drugs Class[171]
Amphetamine Stimulants B[172]
Cannabis Cannabinoids B
Synthetic cannabis Cannabinoids B
Cocaine Stimulants A
Crack Stimulants A
Ecstasy Empathogens A
Heroin Opioids A
LSD Psychedelics A
Magic mushrooms Psychedelics A
Methadone / Physeptone without prescription Opioids A
Anabolic steroids without prescription Steroids[173] C
Poppers Stimulants Not classified[174]
Crystal meth Stimulants A
Ketamine Dissociatives B
Glues, solvents, gas or aerosols Depressants Not classified[175]
Mephedrone Stimulants B
Tranquilisers: Benzodiazepines without prescription Depressants C
Prescription only painkillers that were not prescribed for you Combined[176] Combined[177]
GHB/GBL Depressants C



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