Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2019/20: main findings

Main findings from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2019/2020, including self-completion findings covering the period 2018/19 to 2019/20.

9. Summary findings on SCJS self-completion modules

This chapter of the report presents results from the self-completion modules of the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey. These modules cover topics of a more sensitive nature and are therefore completed by the interviewee privately, without the interviewer knowing the responses. In a small proportion of cases, if the respondent was unable or unwilling to complete the questionnaire themselves but was happy to answer the questions, the interviewer administered (at least some of) the questionnaire on their behalf (see the Technical Report for more detail).

The topics covered in the self-completion modules, and in this section of the report, are:

As some respondents choose to not complete the self-completion questionnaire, the response rate and sample size is lower than the overall survey. In order to provide suitable sample sizes, the self-completion results have been published biennially since the 2017/18 SCJS, with two years of data combined to carry out the analysis. The latest figures cover 2018/19 and 2019/20 and are referred to as 2018/20 throughout the self-completion results. Where relevant, examination of changes over time compares the latest findings with 2008/09 and the last self-completion results in 2016/18.[139]

Tables on the data covered in this report, and some additional findings, can be found on the SCJS webpages.



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