Scottish City Region and Growth Deals: carbon management guidance for projects and programmes

Guidance for project owners on managing carbon emissions associated with Scottish City Region and Growth Deal projects.

Appendix A: Business Case Checklist

Strategic / Executive Summary

1. The relationship between the project and a just transition to net zero according to Scotland's Climate Change Plan is referenced and clearly conveyed.

2. The project has identified other relevant local or national carbon policies and strategies and demonstrated project alignment, e.g. accordance with a local authority net zero target date.

3. The project has been categorised following Scottish City and Growth Deal Carbon Guidance according to its Control (1-5) and Influence (A-C) over carbon in a Carbon Emissions Impact section or appendix.

Economic / Financial

4. The whole life Carbon Emissions Impact associated with the project, including embodied carbon from construction, has been estimated in tonnes CO2e over the economic appraisal period.

5. The Carbon Emissions Impact has been assigned an economic value using the BEIS carbon values (£/tonne per year, with workings appended) and included in the cost / benefit calculations.

6. Whole life carbon has been used as a differentiating factor in options appraisal. This may not necessarily be through full quantification of all options, provided that sufficient explanation is given as to why potentially viable lower carbon options have been discounted.

7. The Project has considered and incorporated financial requirements relating to the assessment and management of carbon. This includes voluntary carbon reductions and meeting foreseeable carbon-related requirements, e.g. avoiding direct carbon emissions from the use of fossil fuels in heating. If not explicitly stated, any such costs are assumed to be included in the Business Case.

Commercial / Management

8. The methodology used to manage carbon in this and subsequent project stages is clearly set out, e.g. implementing PAS 2080: Carbon Management in Infrastructure.

9. The project will include carbon as a differentiating factor in procurement through the supply chain.

10. The mechanism by which carbon performance will be demonstrated once the project is operational is explained, e.g. 12 months building performance carbon data reviewed against design predictions. Monitoring and reporting periods should be included in the Full Business Case, according to the carbon management methodology used and project characteristics.



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