Scottish City Region and Growth Deals: carbon management guidance for projects and programmes

Guidance for project owners on managing carbon emissions associated with Scottish City Region and Growth Deal projects.

Appendix C: Project Carbon Categorisation Form

The following information is to be submitted to the Scottish Government's City Region and Growth Deals Sustainable Development Manager for approval. A tabular version in Microsoft Word is available upon request via this link.

1. Project Name

2. Deal Region

3. Brief Description of Project

4. Expected Carbon Emissions Impact CONTROL Category (1-5)

5. Expected Carbon Emissions Impact INFLUENCE Category (A-C)

6. Justification of Expected Carbon Emissions Impact Category

e.g. a short narrative outlining the key carbon emission sources and their relationship to capital and operational net zero following the Deals Carbon Emissions Impact Categorisation Process.

7. How could the Carbon Emissions Impact Category be improved?

e.g. from Category 4B to Category 3A

8. How could the carbon performance of the project be improved?

e.g. reducing emissions further, achieving net zero faster.

9. How will carbon be managed?

e.g. through PAS 2080: Carbon Management in Infrastructure for infrastructure projects or the RICS Whole Life-Cycle Carbon Professional Statement for buildings projects.

10. What other carbon savings are expected to result from the project?

e.g. wider carbon savings across the economy resulting from project output.



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