Scotland's National Strategy for Economic Transformation: summary

This summary version of the strategy highlights the main priorities and actions we will take forward in the next decade to achieve our vision of a wellbeing economy.

4. Skilled Workforce

A skilled population is fundamental to business productivity and economic prosperity. We will focus our activity on the transition to net zero, the digital revolution, and lifelong training making sure employers have the supply of skills they need.

Through our three new projects we will:

  • adapt the education and skills system to make it more agile and responsive to our economic needs and ambitions;
  • support and incentivise people, and their employers, to invest in skills and training throughout their working lives; and
  • expand Scotland's available talent pool, at all skills levels, to give employers the skills pipeline they need to take advantage of opportunities.

Key actions we will implement:

  • Develop proposals for a national digital academy focused around the provision of SCQF level 6 qualifications.
  • Implement the next phase of the Green Jobs Work force Academy and launch a new skills guarantee for workers in carbon intensive industries.
  • Implement a lifetime upskilling and retraining offer that is more straightforward for people and business to access and benefit from.
  • Target more skills investment and support to working age people in poverty.
  • Develop a new Skills Pact to underpin our commitment to strong partnership working with both employers and unions.
  • Implement a focused Talent Attraction programme to attract key skills and talent from the rest of the UK.



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