Scotland's National Strategy for Economic Transformation: summary

This summary version of the strategy highlights the main priorities and actions we will take forward in the next decade to achieve our vision of a wellbeing economy.

The Vision

Our vision for Scotland in 2032 is a wellbeing economy: thriving across economic, social and environmental dimensions, one that delivers economic prosperity for all Scotland's people and places.

When we achieve the vision, Scotland will be recognised at home and throughout the world as:

  • an international benchmark for how an economy can de-carbonise
  • the best place to start and grow a business or social enterprise
  • a magnet for inward investment
  • a great place to live and work with high living standards
  • a nation where people and businesses can continually upgrade their skills
  • a leader in research and development
  • a country where economic power and opportunity is distributed fairly
  • an outward looking nation exerting a meaningful influence



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