Scotland's Digital Future: High Level Operating Framework Version 2

Updated guidance for the public sector on the design, development and delivery of future digital public services.

7 Standards, Guidelines and Recommendations

7.1 Current Standards, Guidelines and Recommendations

There are a number of nationally agreed standards, guidelines and recommendations which have been developed since the initial issue of the Framework and these are listed below. More detail of their content will be contained in the Catalogue of Re-usable Components which is owned and maintained by the National Design Authority function:

Subject Area


Data Vision and Strategic Action Plan and Privacy Principles

Data Vision and Strategic Action Plan

Privacy Principles

Scottish Public Sector Portal

Citizen Authentication Service


National Skills Workstream

National Approach to a Skilled & Empowered Workforce

Enterprise Architecture Skills Frameworks

TOGAF Architecture Skills Framework

SFIA Professional Profiles Chart

Zachman Enterprise Architecture Certification

Procurement Agreements & Processes

National Collaborative Agreements

Public Contracts Scotland Forward Plan

National Procurement Portfolio Plan

ICT Technical Assurance Process for Investment Board (SG Agencies only)

Open Standards & Open Source Software Policy

Open Standards and Open Source Software Policy - Work in Progress

Examples of Enterprise Architecture Approaches

Approach to Architecture in Health

Architecture Principles in Health

Government of Australia Approach

Scottish Public Sector Data Hosting and Data Centre Strategy

Data Hosting and Data Centre Strategy

Guidance on Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Guidance on Virtualisation


Guidance on Co-location


List of data centres for co-location

List of data centres for co-location

SWAN - Core Services

SWAN Core Services

SWAN Value Added Service Strategy

SWAN Value Added Services Strategy, initial Value Added Services List - Work in Progress

Use of National Entitlement Card for any smartcard services

National Entitlement Card Programme

Technical Standard for Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing Technical Standard

Collective Approach to Spatial Data Management (Improvement Service)

Spatial Information Programme

Use of UPRN as a data standard in property management (Improvement Service)

Spatial Information Programme

7.2 Process for Recommending & Endorsing National Standards

There will be an agreed process to proposing and approving standards at a national level. This process is based on the UK level Government Digital Services Standards Hub approach but with a focus on standards proposed from within the Scottish Public Sector Design Authority community initially. Once the process is established, it will be considered for extension to wider citizen involvement. The process which is currently in draft is described here Standards Endorsement Process


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