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A Skilled and Empowered Workforce

In order to ensure we have a skilled and empowered workforce that delivers high quality digital public services we are developing a national approach to skills development for both the ICT Workforce and the wider public sector workforce.

We have established the Digital Champions Development Programme, a development programme for Chief Executives/Directors from across the public sector.  The aim of the programme is to inspire leaders about the transformational potential of digital tools and technology, and to give them the confidence to take action to release that potential.  Once they have completed the formal programme, Champions are invited to join an alumni group to continue the networking and learning. 

Top Talent is an innovative programme that is designed to nurture the skills and confidence of future UK public and third sector leaders to effect positive change in their organisations.  Supported by SOCITM and IBM it ran for the first time as a UK national programme in 2012 and has now been run twice in Scotland with a healthy cohort across the public sector in Scotland.  For some it has changed their careers and placed them on the leadership rung of their current or new organisations delivering transformation.

We undertook a Skills Gap Survey (in partnership with Skills Development Scotland) to assess the current and future skill issues within the public sectors professional ICT and digital technology workforce, including data skills (data science, analytics, specialists etc).  The Final Survey Report identified gaps and shortages and included recommendations to address these gaps. In response to the survey, we published an Action Plan which summaries the activities we will undertake in partnership with sectors. 

The ICT and digital technologies Skills Investment Plan (SIP) is a partnership document which was facilitated by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) on behalf of the Scottish Government. The development of the SIP was informed and guided by an industry led steering group.  The vision of the SIP is for Scotland to be viewed as a world-class location for ambitious ICT and digital technology businesses to be able to develop, invest and grow by having access to a talent pool with exceptional ICT and digital technology skills.  The SIP includes an action plan with the key activities that are being undertaken to support the growth ambition of the ICT and digital technologies sector.

Although sectors and organisations are expected to review their wider workforce requirements to ensure they have the skills to deliver online services.  The SG are approaching this as part of a Digital Improvement programme and will share any learning from this with sectors with a view to identifying any common training and development needs that might deliver economies of scale.

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