Scotland's Digital Future: High Level Operating Framework Version 2

Updated guidance for the public sector on the design, development and delivery of future digital public services.

4 Ideal Services Model

It is recognised that public sector organisations will have different capabilities for each of the service components described above. In addition, they will not all be at the same level of adoption or be able to advance at the same rate.

Using the high level categories from the Generic Services Model, broad characteristics of an ideal state for the service category are described in Figure 3, which organisations could use to evaluate their current capability and map out their short term plans and longer term strategies for adoption and change.

Figure 3 - Ideal Services Model

Figure 3 - Ideal Services Model

Note that Channels are not included in the above model, as their development and uptake will be drivers for the above service delivery routes evolution, rather than being part of an organisation's delivery capability.


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