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Data Vision and Strategic Action Plan

Our digital public services strategy, Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services (September 2012), sets out our aspirations for the effective management and use of data.

Data Vision

In April 2014 the Data Management Board published A Data Vision for Scotland and set the overarching objective as being:

  • to champion, and unleash across Scotland, trustworthy uses of data for public benefit.

The vision sets out where we want to be by 2020 and sets out 10 guiding principles to achieving this.

The Strategic Action Plan has been developed with and for the Scottish public sector to help realise the Data Vision.

A first version of the Strategic Action Plan was published in July 2014 and comments were invited on the actions proposed.   The second version of the Strategic Action Plan,  approved by the Data Management Board,  incorporates feedback from this consultation process and details specific actions which will be taken for each Data theme. The Plan will be reviewed annually, to track and assure progress. 

To accompany these documents we have created a glossary of the key data terms used.

To find out more please contact Tabitha Stringer tabitha.stringer@scotland.gsi.gov.uk