Prostate cancer clinical quality performance indicators: engagement document

Document explaining the process of, and inviting engagement on, revision of the prostate cancer QPIs.

8. Survival

Improving survival forms an integral part of the national cancer quality improvement programme. Prostate cancer survival analysis is reported and analysed on a 3 yearly basis by ISD. The specific issues which will be addressed, for example 1 year or 5 year survival rates, will be identified by an expert group ahead of any analysis being undertaken, as per the agreed national cancer quality governance and improvement framework.

To ensure consistent application of survival analysis, it has been agreed that a single analyst on behalf of all three regional cancer networks undertakes this work. Survival analysis is scheduled as per the national survival analysis and reporting timetable, agreed with the National Cancer Quality Steering Group and Scottish Cancer Taskforce. This reflects the requirement for record linkage and the more technical requirements of survival analyses which makes it difficult for individual Boards to undertake routinely and in a nationally consistent manner.


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