Prostate cancer clinical quality performance indicators: engagement document

Document explaining the process of, and inviting engagement on, revision of the prostate cancer QPIs.

6. Prostate Cancer Risk Categorisation

Several factors are known to predict the risk of recurrence of prostate cancer; these factors are used to classify localised prostate cancer into risk categories [4] . Some of the Prostate Cancer QPIs ( section 7) refer to specific risk categories which are detailed in the table below.

Table 1: Localised Prostate Cancer Risk Categories
(adapted from NICE Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline) [4]

Low Risk

Clinical Stage T1 - T2a [a]
and Gleason score ≤ 6
and PSA [b] at diagnosis <10 ug/l

Intermediate Risk

Clinical Stage T2b or T2c
or Gleason score 7
or PSA at diagnosis 10-20 ug/l

High Risk

Clinical Stage T3 - T4
or Gleason score 8-10
or PSA at diagnosis >20 ug/l


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