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Construction procurement: project initiation and business cases handbook

Published: 2 Aug 2019
Scottish Procurement and Property Directorate
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One of three handbooks that comprise the Client Guide to Construction Projects, The Project Initiation and Business Cases Handbook provides guidance to assist contracting authorities to successfully deliver construction projects and achieve value for money.

Construction procurement: project initiation and business cases handbook
Chapter 8: Community Benefits

Chapter 8: Community Benefits

1. Overview
2. Guidance


1.1. Under the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 all public sector contracting authorities are required to consider including community benefit requirements for all regulated procurements where the estimated value of the contract is at least £4 million.


2.1. The Scottish Government community benefits in procurement webpage provides general guidance and a number of tools to assist contracting authorities. The Scottish Futures Trust developed a Community Benefits Toolkit to assist contracting authorities in delivering community benefits through construction contracts and projects.