Construction procurement: project initiation and business cases handbook

One of three handbooks that comprise the Client Guide to Construction Projects, The Project Initiation and Business Cases Handbook provides guidance to assist contracting authorities to successfully deliver construction projects and achieve value for money.

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Chapter 12: Building Information Modelling (BIM)

1. Overview


1.1. Building Information Modelling uses digital technology to improve the sharing and analysis of data during the construction and operational phases of projects.

1.2. Scottish Procurement Policy Note 1/2017 set out the requirement for public authorities within the scope of the Scottish Public Finance Manual to assess their projects for BIM via the BIM Grading Tool for projects above £2m in value.

1.3. Full guidance is provided via the BIM Portal which also provides case studies, descriptions of the BIM standards and other resources to assist project teams in their use of BIM.



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