Construction procurement: project initiation and business cases handbook

One of three handbooks that comprise the Client Guide to Construction Projects, The Project Initiation and Business Cases Handbook provides guidance to assist contracting authorities to successfully deliver construction projects and achieve value for money.

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Chapter 5: Project Initiation Routemap

1. Overview
2. Guidance


1.1. The initiation of any project is a critical stage and the actions undertaken during the first few months can mean the difference between success and failure. It is therefore essential that projects get off to a good start. Sufficient resource must allocated at the appropriate time and there should be a clear understanding of what requires to be done in order increase the likelihood of project success. Robust processes and the application of the latest thinking and learned lessons can contribute to that.


2.1. The Infrastructure and Projects Authority has developed a Project Initiation Routemap which aims to achieve more efficient outcomes and address the high cost of delivering infrastructure in the UK.

2.2. The Routemap is designed for major projects and while its full application on smaller projects may not be entirely appropriate there are clear parallels which mean that some aspects of it will still be helpful. It walks clients through the key considerations for initiating a major project and looks at complexity, client capability, the implications of strategic decisions and how to apply best practice from other projects. Note that complexity in the context of the Routemap is relative to the experience of the client organisation.



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