Construction procurement: project initiation and business cases handbook

One of three handbooks that comprise the Client Guide to Construction Projects, The Project Initiation and Business Cases Handbook provides guidance to assist contracting authorities to successfully deliver construction projects and achieve value for money.

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Supporting documents

Project Initiation and Contracts Handbook

Chapter 2 - Project Governance

Chapter 3 - Client Team Roles and Responsibilities

Chapter 4 - Business Case and Appraisal

Chapter 5 - Project Initiation Routemap

Chapter 6 - Stakeholder Analysis

Chapter 7 - Risk

Chapter 8 - Community Benefits

Chapter 9 - Fair Payments

Chapter 10 - Project Bank Accounts

Chapter 11 - Whole Life Cost

Chapter 13 - Project Assurance

Chapter 14 - Quality Assurance

Chapter 15 - Design in Construction

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