Prison to Rehab Protocol

The Prison to Rehab Protocol sets out the process for prison based staff, residential rehabilitation providers and individuals on accessing the Prison to Rehab Pathway. The pathway supports individuals leaving prison who would benefit from accessing abstinence based treatment on release.

4. Castle Craig Hospital

Location: West Linton, Peebleshire, EH46 7DH

4.1 Ethos

Castle Craig provides an abstinence-based, 12 step treatment programme. Our clinic is residential, with 82 beds for patients aged 16 years and over.

At Castle Craig, we provide compassionate care to those suffering from alcoholism and other addiction, by treating the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the disease. The hospital and its staff are committed to offering skilled professional medical, nursing and therapeutic services to patients and their families.

We strive continually to demonstrate high standards of excellence, in the services we offer, to ensure that patients and their needs are at the center of what we do and to create an environment where everyone is treated with compassion, dignity and respects. Our staff are dedicated to assisting those who seek our help to achieve stable abstinence, empowering them, so they may enjoy a fulfilling, sober, meaningful and productive life in recovery.

All patients received a full biopsychosocial assessment and individualized treatment plan. In our diverse therapy team we have therapists trained and accredited in the delivery of CBT, DBT, EMDR, Trauma therapy, family therapy and much more.

Castle Craig provide treatment to those experience primary addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, prescription medication and gambling as well as those experiencing dual diagnosis and co-occurring addictions. These include, but are not limited to, chronic pain, Trauma, PTSD and Mood disorders and co-occurring additions to work, internet and shopping.

Castle Craig offers a wide range of therapies including equine therapy, art therapy, drumming, acupuncture, hand and foot massage and much more. Castle Craig also has on site fitness facilities. Castle Craig offer 4 + week inpatient options and a 24 + week outpatient service, with CATCH Recovery. Castle Craig has a broad multi-disciplinary team of clinicians and therapists' and is staffed by our nursing team 24/7.

Our full brochure, detailing all of our services can be found at:

4.2 Admission criteria and process

We treat all types of addictions to alcohol, drugs and prescription medications, as well as dual diagnosis and co-occurring addictions. Our experienced help centre and admission team are happy to discuss enquiries about patient suitability.

We do not treat patients with previous offences of arson. We also do not treat patients experiencing multiple, complex physical health conditions that require continual acute nursing care 24/7.

Contact details

Rachel Palethorpe

0808 231 1084



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