Prison to Rehab Protocol

The Prison to Rehab Protocol sets out the process for prison based staff, residential rehabilitation providers and individuals on accessing the Prison to Rehab Pathway. The pathway supports individuals leaving prison who would benefit from accessing abstinence based treatment on release.

2. Alternatives Safe As Houses

Location: Clydebank

2.1 Ethos

Alternatives 'Safe as Houses', our specialist adult residential rehabilitation unit in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire provides support for people across Scotland who want help with problematic drug and/or alcohol use.

The programme

We take an evidence-based behavioural approach incorporating the pharmacological effects of drugs, the individual's attitude or 'set' and the influence of the physical and social setting of the drug use.

There are three phases, each lasting between 4-12 weeks depending on the individual's personalised recovery care plan and the stage in their recovery at which they join the programme.

Respite and stability

This first phase focuses on reducing chaos, stabilising the individual and, where appropriate, preparing them for a drug-free intervention. Our Clinical Nurse Manager screens all clinical interventions

Recovery through abstinence

Next, we work on behavioural change, insight into self-awareness, trauma-informed interventions, self-advocacy, right living and early sustainability in preparation for reintegration into the local community.

Sustainability and reintegration

Lastly, residents develop confidence, skills and citizenship through educational and vocational placements at our innovative horticulture, wildlife, catering, boatbuilding and upcycling social enterprises.

We advocate purposeful and meaningful activity as a core element of ongoing sustainable recovery. Prior to the programme end, we identify and refer residents into their local services, mutual aid and recovery networks and support them in reconnecting and developing positive relationships with family, partners and friends.

2.2 Admission criteria and process

Individuals accepted from across Scotland if motivated to move forward in his/her recovery journey.

Recovery in our classification is the immediate cessation of illegal drugs and either entering SAH on a prescription or abstinent. The prescription can be for pregabalin Diazepam, Methadone or Suboxone with a view to long-term non-reliance of medical solutions unless medical condition precludes this.

Assessment process could be completed by video link or by prison officer. We would accept their assessment of motivation and commitment to change.

Prisoner is screened for coronavirus, tests negative prior to entry and entry transition from prison is controlled.

Contact details

Gavin Elder
0749707974 or 0141 951 2420



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