Prison to Rehab Protocol

The Prison to Rehab Protocol sets out the process for prison based staff, residential rehabilitation providers and individuals on accessing the Prison to Rehab Pathway. The pathway supports individuals leaving prison who would benefit from accessing abstinence based treatment on release.

7. Jericho House


  • Male only service: Bank Street, Greenock, Inverclyde
  • Female only service: Shankland Road, Port Glasgow, Inverclyde
  • Male only service: Artillery Lane, Dundee

7.1 Ethos

Jericho offers a valuable service to men and women who wish to take an abstinence-based approach to recovery. It is an important part of a spectrum of recovery services.

We work with individuals who find themselves left vulnerable due to addiction, domestic violence or homelessness. We build on our experience gained from working in these areas over the past thirty years.

Our services are open to all irrespective of class, creed, colour, religion, or sexual orientation.

An Abstinence-based Recovery project employing both Group-Working and one-to-one sessions and, through our key-working system, are focused on person-centred planning. We have regular reviews (which allow for inter-agency attendance), a Service User Involvement Group, a Family Support Group and Parenting Classes.

The programme includes:

  • Education (core skills),
  • Leisure/Sports Activities
  • Complementary Therapies (including our widely acclaimed Drama-based therapy)

A range of counselling methods is used in our person-centred work. Resettlement Support is an important provision of our recovery programme which may extend to six months or more, according to individual person-centred need (in line with our national strategy).

Central to our Ethos is the addressing of underlying 'Causes and Conditions', especially trauma as we believe that, if these are left unaddressed, people will resort to self-medicating and therefore relapse. Residents are also accountable for building an extensive, drug free network of support in the community, whilst in Jericho.

7.2 Admission criteria and process

We currently take referrals whilst in prison, either from self, prison staff or criminal justice social work. An applicant will be assessed via a phone call using a holistic assessment tool covering all ROSC areas, by an addiction specialist. A medical questionnaire has to be completed by the prison G.P. or Healthcare team.

This questionnaire is accompanied by our Policies on 'Working with Dual Diagnosis' and 'Working with Anxiety and/or Depression'. If assessment process is completed successfully, then the applicant will be transferred directly from Prison to the appropriate Jericho House on their liberation. £65/week is deducted from benefits, required to cover costs of sustenance and travel to evening NA meetings.

If Assisted Withdrawal/Detoxification is required, this can be provided by Abbeycare with duration of stay, 28 days then a direct transfer to the appropriate Jericho House.

Prospective service-users; Need to be benzodiazepine free, unless detoxed in controlled environment. Methadone – maximum of 30mls. Suboxone – maximum of 4mg.

Contact details

Greenock - Michael Trail; Dundee - David McEnroy
Bank street - 01475 741 950; Shankland Road - 01475 742 383; Dundee - 01382 223 627



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