Prison to Rehab Protocol

The Prison to Rehab Protocol sets out the process for prison based staff, residential rehabilitation providers and individuals on accessing the Prison to Rehab Pathway. The pathway supports individuals leaving prison who would benefit from accessing abstinence based treatment on release.

3. Calderglen House

Location: Off Blantyre Farm Road, Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, G72 9UG

3.1 Ethos

Calderglen House is based in Lanarkshire but able to accept people from all over Scotland. We have 24 large ensuite rooms in a historic building dating back to 1780 and have 10 acres of own woodland grounds with the River Calder running through it for fishing opportunities. We have 4 hens on site which our service users help care for and follow the process from learning about how to care for hens, collecting and cooking with eggs. We also have 3 goats which we care for and find very therapeutic. We have a large enclosed garden area and an outdoor sheltered smoking area which we know can be important for many of our service users. We have also developed an onsite gym which people can use after induction and risk assessment. We are disabled access friendly with a passenger lift and ramp access.

We have a multi modal treatment as we believe people coming into our service should have a choice of treatments and rewarding activities to feed the soul. We are set in a therapeutic environment with strong links to the local recovery community (Beacons in Blantyre) and our service users go out to attend their meetings and vice versa. We also have mutual aid meetings AA, NA, CA. We have our own minibus so can take people out for visits or on day trips. The daily program is structured around house meetings, role assignment, grounding techniques small group activities with one-to-one sessions with therapists.

There is a very wide skill mix present in Calderglen with 24-hour nursing care on site, peer support workers with lived experience, full time CBT therapy and Occupational therapy. We have Consultant Psychiatrist input from the pre-admission process, multi- disciplinary meetings and dual diagnosis management. We also have sessional input from Music therapist, Gym instructor, yoga, mindfulness, animal care coordinator and others. We also have in house staff who can train people to certificate level such as 'manual handling', COSHH and food hygiene certificates. We are developing links with local colleges to get more formal training and education needs met. We also have links to help people get advice about money and housing.

We suggest around a 3 month stay but happy to cater for shorter or longer stays if required/desired by the individual. After discharge we believe in the continuum of care and will continue to support individuals who can attend our group sessions. Graduates of our rehab program can volunteer and stay on with us. Some may go on to formal peer training and subsequently gain employment at Calderglen or elsewhere in the community.

We can accommodate family visits and work with families as we know how important this is in the recovery journey. In the future we hope to develop on site visiting 'pods' where families could come and stay overnight.

3.2 Admission criteria and process


1. Clients accepted for placement at Calderglen House are 18 years old or over and male or female.

2. All patients referred to us undergo a pre-admission discussion involving the manager and peer worker. The Consultant Psychiatrist then accepts the admission if appropriate for Calderglen House.

3. We are able to have phone calls or video meetings with new admissions prior to them coming to Calderglen so that they can get to know some of our staff/peer workers and build a rapport and lessen anxieties of coming to a rehab.

4. No upper limits on medication doses such as methadone or buvidal as each person will be assessed as an individual. We are guided by the individual's needs and goals and, in some cases, people may want to stay on the same dose during their time with us. If they wish to slowly reduce then we can also facilitate this via our 24-hour on-site Nursing care under supervision of inhouse Consultant Psychiatrist.


We will facilitate prison pick-ups on the day of release as we have own minibus.

Contact Details

Dr Amar Poddar
01698 823 624



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