PECOS purchase to pay system: guide for public bodies

Guide to using the PECOS P2P system to order and purchase goods.

System integration

PECOS P2P fully supports catalogue management and eInvoicing as part of the purchase to pay cycle.

The table below indicates where each system fits in to PECOS:

Catalogue Management PECOS eInvoicing Solution Finance System
1. Validates the catalogues which can be managed and then imported into PECOS. 2. The catalogue can then be used in PECOS to create a purchase order (PO). 5. The order is received in PECOS. Once received the supplier sends an invoice electronically. 7. Once the PO is matched the finance system pays the supplier.
  3. The user raises a requisition in PECOS using the catalogue uploaded from CCM. 6. Invoice matches against the PO details in PECOS.  
  4. Purchase order gets approved and submitted from the supplier.  

PECOS P2P can integrate with any finance system but the integration format will be determined by the particular finance system your organisation uses. 

Our service management provider, Leidos, can provide at a cost an integration platform which supports an extensive range of finance systems.


If you have any enquiries relating to the PECOS P2P solution or purchase to pay cycle email the PECOS P2P mailbox:

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