PECOS purchase to pay system: guide for public bodies

Guide to using the PECOS P2P system to order and purchase goods.

Additional information

Development of PECOS P2P

One major and two minor releases of PECOS P2P take place each  year. Releases include new functionality and fixes/enhancements to existing functionality.

cXML connections

PECOS P2P supports the delivery of cXML purchase orders to suppliers which enables the order information  to be automatically mapped to the supplier's back office sales system, therefore removing the need for the supplier to manually re-enter the purchase order information .

There is a one-off connection charge and once a connection has been configured, other user organisations can then use the connection at no additional charge.

Catalogues and punch-out

PECOS P2P hosts supplier catalogues for a variety of products and commodities and therefore takes away the need for user organisations or suppliers in providing and maintaining catalogues.

PECOS P2P supports punch-out to supplier transactional websites. The format of the punch-out connection is cXML and there is a one-off cost for the work to be delivered. Once the connection is in place, multiple PECOS P2P user organisations can then use the connection at no additional charge.

Buyer considerations

Buyers should:

  • ensure PECOS P2P is mentioned in the tender documents
  • highlight to users and suppliers the potential benefits and savings PECOS P2P can add to your contracts
  • ensure catalogue content is up to date and accurate at all times, with any agreed changes to prices or items agreed 
  • agree processes upfront e.g. how to deal with change orders, returns, carriage

Supplier considerations

Suppliers should:

  • adhere to the agreed processes put in place e.g. dealing with change orders, returns and carriage
  • be aware of how they are going to receive orders
  • ensure catalogues are accurate and up-to-date





If you have any enquiries relating to the PECOS P2P solution or purchase to pay cycle email the PECOS P2P mailbox:

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