PECOS purchase to pay system: guide for public bodies

Guide to using the PECOS P2P system to order and purchase goods.

How PECOS P2P works

PECOS P2P is a purchase to pay solution that can be accessed via any secure internet connection, using any major internet browser and works as follows:

  1. User logs in via a unique web address with a secure name and password.
  2. User creates a requisition from either a catalogue, non-catalogue or punch out site. Financial tracking is applied and the order is sent for approval.
  3. The approver logs in to the system, makes the relevant checks and approves the requisition (email notification is optional at this stage).
  4. Requisition becomes a purchase order and is then submitted to the supplier via email.

An audit trail will allow the user to see the status of the order at any time.

Additional features

Additional features include:

  • receipt of purchase orders
  • invoice workflow
  • automatic matching
  • invoice settlement
  • budget checking functionality

Payment mechanisms supported

PECOS supports a number of payment mechanisms including:

  • eInvoicing
  • self-billing
  • procurement card
  • electronic receipt settlement



If you have any enquiries relating to the PECOS P2P solution or purchase to pay cycle email the PECOS P2P mailbox:

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