PECOS purchase to pay system: guide for public bodies

Guide to using the PECOS P2P system to order and purchase goods.

Implementing PECOS P2P

PECOS P2P is available to all Scottish public bodies looking to implement an online purchase to pay (P2P) system. 

Access to PECOS P2P is free, but there may be some standard set up costs during the initial implementation stage.

Your organisation should consider the following questions to help understand the value it places on P2P:

  • what are the controls and systems currently in place to manage and support the P2P process within your organisation?
  • do managers within your organisation have accurate, robust and reliable information on what is being bought, by whom and for what price to enable them to properly manage their budget?
  • is your organisation generating best value from what is being spent?
  • is your organisation's payment performance being properly managed?
  • is your P2P process as efficient as it could be?

Implementation process

Your organisation should consider the following five steps when thinking about implementing PECOS P2P:

  1. Early engagement - you should engage early with those those who will be directly impacted by PECOS P2P e.g. finance, procurement, IT, end users and suppliers.
  2. Project team - ensure you have a project team in place dedicated to the implementation, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  3. Business strategy - clearly define the business case for introducing PECOS P2P into to your organisation
  4. Evidence the benefits - gather all the data required to highlight the benefits of implementing PECOS P2P, for example, quicker payments, better use of contracts.
  5. Promote the value - when PECOS P2P goes live, it is important for your organisation to promote the value of the service e.g. improved payment performance, automation of processes etc.

Buyer considerations

Buyers should:

  • ensure PECOS is mentioned in the tender documents
  • highlight to users and suppliers the potential benefits and savings PECOS P2P can add to your contracts
  • ensure catalogue content is up to date and accurate at all times, with any agreed changes to prices or items agreed 
  • agree processes upfront e.g. how to deal with change orders, returns, carriage

Supplier considerations

Suppliers should:

  • adhere to the agreed processes put in place e.g. dealing with change orders, returns and carriage
  • be aware of how they are going to receive orders
  • ensure catalogues are accurate and up-to-date


If you have any enquiries relating to the PECOS P2P solution or purchase to pay cycle email the PECOS P2P mailbox:

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