PECOS purchase to pay system: guide for public bodies

Guide to using the PECOS P2P system to order and purchase goods.


PECOS P2P (Professional Electronic Commerce Online System) is our online purchase to pay (P2P) system, and is part of our eCommerce shared service.

The system is provided by Elcom and is available to all Scottish public sector bodies including central and local government, NHS Boards, universities and colleges under the Scottish Government eCommerce shared service license agreement.  A software license agreement must be signed by public bodies wishing to access any of the post award solutions.

PECOS P2P provides the ability to automate purchase to pay processes from purchase orders through to the payment of invoices. By using the system, public bodies are able to reduce the paperwork and inefficiencies associated with paper processing of purchase orders, goods receipts, invoices and returns. 

PECOS P2P is free to access, but there may be some standard set up costs during the initial implementation.


If you have any enquiries relating to the PECOS P2P solution or purchase to pay cycle email the PECOS P2P mailbox:

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