Planning Advice Note 70: electronic planning service delivery

Planning Advice Note (PAN) 70 explains how new technology can improve the delivery of the planning service.


User Benefits

4. Placing planning information online gives people convenient access to information about the future development of their area and enables them to engage effectively with the planning process. It reduces the need for people to travel to their nearest planning office to view a document and minimises the risk of individuals using outdated information. Online planning information and services can also assist in quicker, more transparent and better decision making. It can save on printing and postage costs associated with submitting an application or commenting on a planning issue. These benefits have the potential to deliver greater satisfaction amongst users of the planning service.

Planning Authority Benefits

5. Good use of information and communication technology ( ICT) can increase operational efficiency and speed up administrative processes within planning authorities, for example by reducing the number of general enquiries and minimising duplication of effort, such as the need to retype submitted information. The use of electronic documents reduces the need for file storage and can contribute to savings on accommodation costs. Additionally, online publication of planning documents saves on printing and distribution costs. When e-planning projects are well managed they can also improve staff morale and increase motivation. Some of these benefits may be immediate, while some will be longer term.



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