Non medical prescribing in Scotland: implementation guide

Implementation guidance for nurse independent prescribers and for community practitioner nurse prescribers in Scotland.

Appendix 10: Provision of Formularies and Drug Tariffs for Non-Medical Prescribers

Nurse Independent/Supplementary Prescribers (and Community Practitioner Nurse Prescribers) receive a copy of the Nurse Prescribers' Formulary for Community Practitioners ( NPF), which is published every 2 years.

Nurses who are qualified as Nurse Independent/Supplementary Prescribers (formerly Extended Formulary Nurse Prescribers/Supplementary Prescribers) will also receive a 6-monthly copy of the British National Formulary ( BNF).

In addition, Nurse Independent/Supplementary Prescribers who work with children should receive a copy of the BNF for Children ( BNFC), which is produced annually.

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