Non medical prescribing in Scotland: implementation guide

Implementation guidance for nurse independent prescribers and for community practitioner nurse prescribers in Scotland.

Appendix 1: Notification of nurse prescriber details to employer in local NHS Board

1. Nurses will have 'licence as a prescriber' once they have successfully completed an NMC approved programme, and recorded this in the NMC's register. See NMC (2006) 44 Practice Standard 1.

2. Once the nurse or midwife has successfully completed the prescriber preparation, the NMC will be notified by the Higher Education Institution. The individual's entry on the NMC professional register will be annotated to indicate that she/he has qualified as a nurse independent prescriber. A nurse or midwife cannot legally prescribe until this annotation has been made. This will be a different annotation to that used for a community practitioner nurse prescriber. The NMC Voice Bank telephone line will confirm to any enquirer whether or not a nurse is eligible to prescribe. A password is required by employers to check eligibility and enquiries can be made by email.

NMC Voice Bank Enquiries

3. Callers will need to state the nurse prescriber's PIN and date of birth otherwise they will have to speak to a manual operator on the system.

The telephone number is 020 7631 3200

The pass number is: 6390; The code number is 20

V100, DN/ HV prescriber, is now annotated as a Community Practitioner Nurse Prescriber; V200 or V300, Extended Formulary/Supplementary Prescriber, are now Nurse Independent Prescribers. Also see paras 28 - 30 for different categories of Nurse Prescriber.

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