Non medical prescribing in Scotland: implementation guide

Implementation guidance for nurse independent prescribers and for community practitioner nurse prescribers in Scotland.

Appendix 4: Obtaining prescription forms for nurse prescribers

1. Community-based nurse prescribers must be registered with HIG/ ISD before prescription forms can be issued. Early notification of such details is important so that appropriately qualified nurses can begin utilising their new skills.

2. Ordering Stationery:

Ordering GP10N Stationery

On receipt of form ISD (P) 1 (see Appendix 2) from HIG, each nurse prescriber will be issued with a unique prescriber code, and the lead nurse prescriber will order a supply of stationery for the community practitioner nurse prescriber and/or the nurse independent prescriber using form PSD 1 (see attached), to be sent to: Practitioner Services, Area 233C, Gyle Square, 1 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh EH12 9EB.

Ordering HBPN Stationery

The Chief Pharmacist or prescribing lead for hospital-based nurse prescribers should order HBPN forms (on PSDHBPN Order forms, see attached); they will be supplied, pre-printed, with nurse and hospital details.

3. Prescriptions are normally sent to the address of the person who orders them (an alternative address can be specified). Checks are made to ensure that prescriptions are only supplied to NHS organisations.

4. Non- NHS nurses cannot issue a NHS prescription, i.e. one written on a form GP10N or HBPN for dispensing in an NHS community pharmacy, unless the organisation they work for has an arrangement or contract with an NHS provider which allows the non- NHS organisation to use NHS community pharmacy dispensing services. The NHS provider should organise the supply of GP10N or HBPN prescription forms and obtain prescribers' codes via HIG in the usual way.

Prescription forms for nurses and midwives in primary care

5. Existing nurse prescribers will already have supplies of GP10N forms. These will be retained for existing Extended Formulary/Supplementary Prescribers but will gradually be updated and replaced, so that through 2006, nurse prescribers will be using prescription forms pre-printed with the nurse's name, NMC number, practice address and contact telephone number. The forms will also be annotated nurse independent prescriber.

6. GP10N prescription forms will also be pre-printed with the nurse prescriber code. Nurses directly employed in primary care working across more than one GP practice and using multiple prescriber codes will be issued with a prescription pad pre-printed with the prescriber code for the 'main prescribing practice', i.e. the practice within which the nurse issues the majority of their prescriptions. For the additional practices they will be issued part-printed with the nurse's name, NMC number and contact telephone number. Prescribers will need to write the appropriate nurse prescriber code on each prescription form.

Prescribing forms for hospital-based nurses and midwives

7. Nurse prescribers prescribing for hospital in or out-patients may use three methods to prescribe:

  • Ward order - to be used for inpatients and discharge supplies only. A prescription charge is not levied on inpatients.
  • Internal hospital prescription form - to be used for out-patients but only in cases where the hospital pharmacy will dispense the prescription. A prescription charge may be payable, unless the patient is exempt from prescription charges. For this reason, these types of form often resemble a GP10N prescription form (N.B. internal hospital forms cannot be accepted for dispensing by community pharmacies).
  • HBPN prescription form, where the prescription will be dispensed by a community pharmacist. (Note: nurse employers should establish a local policy on the use of HBPN prescription forms.) These forms should be ordered by the Chief Pharmacist/lead nurse, as described above.

PSD 1 GP10N Order Form

image of Community-based Nurse Prescribers Prescription Pad Order Form

PSDHBPN Order Form

image of Hospital-Based Nurse Prescriber's Prescription Pad Order Form

Guidance Notes

All prescription pads will be delivered directly to the NHS board at the address specified on this form prior to the NHS Board distribution to the nurse prescriber.

Number of Pads

A minimum of 5 pads will be automatically ordered for each nurse on completion of this form.

Hospital-Based Prescribing Nurses ( HBPN)

Only the nurse's name and NMC number required. All pads will be forwarded to the hospital directly.


All sections must be completed. Prescription pads will be delivered to the NHS board stores department before being forwarded to the nurse prescriber. If the nurse prescriber does not have a main practice, a GP practice address must be provided for prescription pads to be forwarded to.

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