NHS Scotland performance against LDP standards

Performance data on the current Local Delivery Plan (LDP) Standards - priorities set and agreed between the Scottish Government and NHS Boards to provide assurance on NHS Scotland performance. 

LDP Standard

NHS Boards are required to operate within their Revenue Resource Limit (RRL), their Capital Resource Limit (CRL) and meet their Cash Requirement.

Current national performance

Following the provision of brokerage to four Territorial Boards, all NHS Boards met their 2018-2019 financial targets. Brokerage was provided in line with our overriding priority to protect patient care and services and was within the planned level of tolerance for the overall Health portfolio.

About this LDP standard

NHS Boards have an obligation to operate within their allocated funds and ensure value for money.

Performance against target 

Scottish Government monitors NHS Board financial performance through monthly Financial Performance Returns (FPR).

Further information

NHS Scotland and Integration Authorities consolidated financial reporting: 2019-2020

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