New Build Heat Standard 2024: business and regulatory impact assessment

Business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) in consideration of the introduction of the New Build Heat Standard (NBHS). Looking in detail at the economic impacts of moving to Zero Direct Emissions heating systems in all new buildings.

12. Digital Impact Test

12.1 Does the measure take account of changing digital technologies and markets?

145. Yes.

12.2 Will the measure be applicable in a digital / online context?

146. No.

12.3 Is there a possibility the measures could be circumvented by digital / online transactions?

147. No.

12.4 Alternatively, will the measure only be applicable in a digital context and therefore may have an adverse impact on traditional or offline businesses?

148. No.

12.5 If the measure can be applied in an offline and online environment, will this in itself have any adverse impact on incumbent operators?

149. NA.



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