National Islands Plan through a COVID Lens: survey results

Summary of key findings after the six main local authorities with islands were invited to consider the impact of the (COVID-19) pandemic on the delivery of National Island Plan commitments and how these should be prioritised going forward.

Suggested Packages of Support

In response to question four, LAs were invited to detail packages of support that would be constructive, achievable and deliverable to best support COVID recovery.

Suggested packages of support mentioned by two or more LAs included:

  • Support to develop island transport infrastructure and sustainability
  • Digital investment
  • Support to develop island community wealth programme
  • Support to develop circular green economies
  • Devolvement of powers to Local Authorities
  • Place-based investment
  • Bespoke island specific fund – recognising unique vulnerabilities

Suggested packages of support mentioned by a single LA included:

  • Diversification of the economic base of island communities
  • Job creation (and support) linked to the natural environment
  • Further investment in renewable energy (including smart grid systems)
  • Develop island centres of innovation (incl. education) and new industries (e.g. sustainable seaweed farming.
  • Support to develop localised food and drink produce (including farming, fisheries and aquaculture)
  • A review of all capital investment (to focus on recovery)
  • Development of drone technology for island connectivity
  • Increased investment in electric vehicles and charging points
  • Support packages for retro fitting energy conservation measures
  • Increased affordable housing (including for key workers)
  • Support to develop food processing hubs
  • Increased active travel investment
  • Address the gaps in R100 proposals
  • Flexible approach to use of Islands Growth Deal for recovery purposes
  • Targeted SG support in response to locally identified priorities
  • Delivery of the Western Isles interconnector
  • Re-mobilisation costs for struggling businesses
  • Infrastructure and training costs to support physical distancing
  • Financial support to address reduced productivity during transition from COVID-19 constraints
  • Further taxation relief
  • Further business relief required
  • Support to revive island Tourism as an international destination



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