The management of wild deer in Scotland: Deer Working Group report

The final report of the Deer Working Group.

Annex 3

List of legislation related to the management of wild deer in Scotland: 1948-2018

This list includes the two principal Deer (Scotland) Acts (1959, 1996), the main amending Acts and the most directly relevant secondary legislation or statutory instruments (in italics) during the last 60 years.

1948 Agriculture (Scotland) Act 1948 (sections re. deer repealed)

the provisions in ss.39-54 and in particular ss.43-47, were precursor to 1959 Act

1959 Deer (Scotland) Act 1959 (repealed)

established RDC and main elements of current statutory framework

1966 The Deer (Close Seasons) Order 1966 (repealed)

introduced seasons for first time for roe, sika and fallow deer

1967 Deer (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 1967 (repealed)

amended s.15 (Entry on land) and s.33 (Exemption of certain acts) of 1959 Act

1968 Sale of Venison (Scotland) Act 1968 (repealed)

concerning the registration by local authorities of dealers in venison and related matters

1982 Deer (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 1982 (repealed)

added sika, red/sika hybrids, roe, fallow deer to RDC responsibilities and other changes

1984 The Deer (Close Seasons) (Scotland) Order 1984 (repealed)

replaced 1966 Order and included red/sika hybrids for the first time

1984 The Licensing of Venison Dealers (Prescribed form, etc.)(Scotland) Order 1984

set out the form of the records to be kept by venison dealers

1985 The Deer (Firearms etc.) (Scotland) Order 1985

specified firearms and ammunition for first time under s.23A of 1959 Act

1989 The Tuberculosis (Deer) Order 1989 (application to Scotland revoked)

made the notification of tuberculosis in deer compulsory under Animal Health Act 1981

1989 The Movement of Animals (Records) (Amendment) Order 1989

added deer to list of species for which a record needed to be kept

1996 Deer (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 1996 (repealed)

passed and repealed within 1996, the Act was the precursor to the 1996 Act

1996 Deer (Scotland) Act 1996

replaced RDC with DCS, added nat. heritage & public safety, and other amendments

1999 The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (Variation of Schedule 9) Order 1999

added sika hybrids, and also all cervids in respect to Outer Hebrides and some islands

2006 The Electronic Communications (Scotland) Order 2006

insertions in ss.15, 16, 26, 34, 37 and 40 of 1996 Act to allow electronic communication

2007 Crofting Reform etc. Act 2007

amendments to s.26 (Right of Occupier in respect of...) of 1996 Act

2010 Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010

replaced the DCS with SNH in the 1996 Act

2011 Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011

extensive amendments as annotated on 1996 Act

2011 The Deer (Close Seasons) (Scotland) Order 2011

replaced the 1984 Order (specifying red deer seasons by Order for the first time)

2015 The Tuberculosis in Specified Animals (Scotland) Order 2015

replaced application of Tuberculosis (Deer) Order 1989 in Scotland

2016 Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016

extensive amendments as annotated on 1996 Act

2016 Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016

repeal of s.28 (Power of Arrest) of 1996 Act (on 25.1.18)

2017 The Crown Estate Transfer Scheme 2017

amendments to s.44 (Application to Crown) of 1996 Act



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