Approved products for use in the UK's public water supply

A list of the products approved for use in contact with drinking water in the UK.



ABC Stainless Ltd

DWI 56/4/542 ABC Storage, process tanks and vessels

DWI 56/4/705 Replacement GAC Tank

AJ Engineering & Construction Services Ltd

DWI 56/4/561 AJE Stainless Steel Tank

APT Marine Engineering Ltd

DWI 56/4/697 Replacement Water Clarifier Tank

Crossland Tankers (Burnley) Ltd

DWI 56/4/792 Tanks for transportation of drinking water

Forbes Technology Ltd

DWI 56/4/299 Cheetah tanks (polypropylene)

DWI 56/4/299 Lion Range (polypropylene inner surface backed with glassfibre laminate

DWI 56/4/299 Lynx tanks ( PVC inner surface backed with glassfibre laminate)

J.K. Fabrications Limited

DWI 56/4/732 JKF 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Tanks

L.E.S Engineering Ltd

DWI 56/4/830 Pipework/Tanks/Vessels

MMP Fabrications Ltd

DWI 56/4/785 Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Permastore Ltd

DWI 56/4/594 Isofusion (vitreous enamelled tank)

Powerrun Project Management Ltd

DWI 56/4/611 Stainless Steel Grade 316L Potable Water Reservoir Tanks

Silotank (Digestors, Silos & Tanks) Ltd

DWI 56/4/747 Connaught Range of Tanks

DWI 56/4/747 Connaught Range of Towers

DWI 56/4/498 Leinster Range of Thermoplastic Tanks

DWI 56/4/498 Leinster Range of Towers

Vulcan Tanks Ltd

DWI 56/4/621 Aquastore


AMT Systems Ltd

DWI 56/4/708 Lateral Filter Underdrain System

DWI 56/4/709 Monolithic Floor Filter Underdrain System

F.B Leopold Co Inc

DWI 56/4/371 HDPE Universal Underdrain and IMS Cap

Severn Trent Services Ltd

DWI 56/4/522 Tetra LP Block System

USFilter-Memcor, Microfloc & General Filter Products

DWI 56/4/761 MULTIBLOCK Media Retaining Gravity Filter Underdrains


Compressor & Power Engineers Ltd

DWI 56/4/560 CPE Pressure Vessels - 316L Stainless Steel

DWI 56/4/560 CPE Pressure Vessels-304 Stainless Steel

Midas Technologies ( GB) Ltd

DWI 56/4/767 Aqua-HiLo

MMP Fabrications Ltd

DWI 56/4/786 Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels

Portobello Fabrications Ltd

DWI 56/4/788 Pressure Filter Vessel

DWI 56/4/646 Saturator/Degasser Vessel

The product listed below can only be used upstream of a Reverse Osmosis unit.

DWI 56/4/827 Pressure Filter Water Collector Pipework

Quantum Engineering Developments Ltd

DWI 56/4/558 Quantum Pressure Vessels- 304L

DWI 56/4/558 Quantum Pressure Vessels- 316L


Celtic Vacuum Ltd

DWI 56/4/846 Stainless Steel Baffle Wall

Degremont UK Limited

DWI 56/4/695 Lamella Module DH50/DH80

Forbes Technology Ltd

DWI 56/4/711 Cheetah Tower Packings

Johnson Filtration Systems

DWI 56/4/653 Screens, Casing and Accessories for Water Wells

L.E.S Engineering Ltd

DWI 56/4/830 Pipework/Tanks/Vessels

Memcor Ltd

DWI 56/4/609 Memcor EF

Midland Wire Cordage Co Ltd

DWI 56/4/828 316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Nijhuis Water Technology B.V.

DWI 56/4/620 IPF and NPF model of Dissolved Air Flotation units


DWI 56/4/309 Lamellar Separator Plates Type GA and H

Paques B.V.

DWI 56/4/768 Astraseparator ARS-C

DWI 56/4/724 Astraseparators ARS-standard

Passavant-Roediger-Anlagenbau GmbH

DWI 56/4/491 Lamellar Separator plates

Purac Ltd

DWI 56/4/741 Saturator Vessel Pall Rings

Scottish Water Solutions

DWI 56/4/740 Stainless steel baffle walls for Floc/ DAF cells

Severn Trent Services Ltd

DWI 56/4/632 Rapid Gravity Filter Air Header

Veolia Water Systems Ltd

DWI 56/4/770 Package Actiflo and Multiflo

Vexamus Water Ltd

DWI 56/4/608 Dynasand Sand Filter DS5000AD

DWI 56/4/608 Dynasand Sand Filter DST30D

DWI 56/4/622 Lamella Plate Pack LP255

DWI 56/4/639 Lamella Plate Separators Flocculation Tank

DWI 56/4/728 Lamella Plate Separators LP Range (LP80, LP100, LP140, LP170, LP190)

DWI 56/4/640 Lamella Plate Separators LS Range (LS25, LS40, LS60, LS100, LS120, LS165)

DWI 56/4/663 Lamella Plate Separators LT Range (LT15, LT25, LT40, LT60)


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