Approved products for use in the UK's public water supply

A list of the products approved for use in contact with drinking water in the UK.



B.1.1 Polyethylene ( PE) pipes

Asset International Ltd

DWI 56/4/513 Weholite Pipe

Dyka B.V.

DWI 56/4/535 Dyka Blue HDPE -100 Pressure Pipes

DWI 56/4/535 Dyka Blue HDPE -80 Pressure Pipes

Dyka Plastics NV

DWI 56/4/575 Dyka Blue PE80 Pressure Pipes

EBERO Pipe Systems Ltd

DWI 56/4/829 Gerodur PE100 Blue Polyethylene Pipe

Egeplast Werner Strumann GmbH &Co

DWI 56/4/436 Egelen PE 100 Blue

Fusion Provida

DWI 56/4/545 Fusion Black 100


DWI 56/4/366 GPS B Black PE100 Pipe

DWI 56/4/345 GPS B Black Polyethylene Pipe

DWI 56/4/242 GPS B Light Blue Polyethylene Pipe

DWI 56/4/242 GPS B Polyethylene Pipe

DWI 56/4/871 GPS Excel 3c (Black)

DWI 56/4/853 GPS Excel 3c (Blue)

DWI 56/4/544 GPS F Black PE100

DWI 56/4/554 GPS F Blue PE100 Pipe

DWI 56/4/242 GPS F Blue Polyethylene Pipe

DWI 56/4/672 GPS N Black PE100 Pipe

DWI 56/4/670 GPS N Blue PE 100 Pipe

DWI 56/4/751 GPS N Blue PE 80 Pipe

DWI 56/4/798 GPS S Black PE 100 Pipe Type N3000

DWI 56/4/366 GPS S Black PE Pipe

DWI 56/4/370 GPS S Black PE100 Pipe

DWI 56/4/242 GPS S Dark Blue Polyethylene Pipe

Hepworth Building Products

DWI 56/4 239 Black MDPE Pipe

DWI 56/4/239 Blue MDPE Pipe

KWH Pipe ( UK) Ltd

DWI 56/4/551 KWH Hostalen CRP 100 Black

DWI 56/4/551 KWH Hostalen CRP100 Blue

NKT Flexibles

DWI 56/4/644 AQFLEX

Pipelife Norge AS

DWI 56/4/811 Pipelife PE100 Pipes Black

DWI 56/4/778 Pipelife PE100 pipes Blue

Polypipe (Ulster) Ltd

DWI 56/4/241 Polypipe MDPE Pipe

Polypipe Building Products Ltd

DWI 56/4/635 Polypipe HDPE Pipe

DWI 56/4/635 Polypipe MDPE Pipe

DWI 56/4/635 TUB121

DWI 56/4/635 TUB124

Quality Plastics Ltd

DWI 56/4/240 Qualplast Polyethylene Pipe

Radius Systems Ltd

DWI 56/4/261 Radius 001

DWI 56/4/503 Radius 002

DWI 56/4/521 Radius 004

DWI 56/4/502 Radius 005

DWI 56/4/158 Radius 006

DWI 56/4/349 Radius 008

DWI 56/4/539 Radius 009

DWI 56/4/439 Radius 010

DWI 56/4/774 Radius 011

DWI 56/4/439 Radius 013

DWI 56/4/261 Radius 014

DWI 56/4/349 Radius 015

DWI 56/4/504 Radius 016

DWI 56/4/506 Radius 017

Simona UK Ltd

DWI 56/4/526 Simona PE100 Pressure Pipe (type TRSTRO) blue

DWI 56/4/570 Simona PE100 SPS-Drinking Water Pipes (type TRST- SPCRO)

DWI 56/4/875 Simona PE100 Black pipe, manufactured using Hostalen CRP100 black

Subterra - a division of Daniel Contractors Ltd

DWI 56/4/461 Subcoil

Wavin Plastics Ltd

DWI 56/4/244 SupaSure Polyethylene Pipe

DWI 56/4/478 Wavin TS

DWI 56/4/489 Wavin TS3

DWI 56/4/379 WavinBlack Pipe

DWI 56/4/379 WavinJet Pipe

DWI 56/4/244 WavinSure Polyethylene Pipe

B.1.2 Barrier and laminated pipes

Egeplast Werner Strumann GmbH &Co

DWI 56/4/589 Barrier pipes egeplast SLA 2.0

DWI 56/4/589 Laminated pipes egeplast SLM 2.0


DWI 56/4/339 GPS Protecta-Line

DWI 56/4 872 GPS Protecta-Line PE100

DWI 56/4/676 GPS Secura-Line Pipe Type B

DWI 56/4/671 GPS Secura-Line Pipe Type N

DWI 56/4/675 GPS Secura-Line Pipe Type S

Polypipe Building Products Ltd

DWI 56/4/857 Polyguard: Polyethylene/Aluminium/Polyethylene barrier pipes

Radius Systems Ltd

DWI 56/4/508 Puriton ( BPRB)

DWI 56/4/780 Radius 003

DWI 56/4/528 Radius 007

DWI 56/4/492 Radius 012

Wavin Plastics Ltd

DWI 56/4/474 Trigon

B.1.3 Polyvinylchloride ( PVC) pipes

Please note that all approved PVC pipes are made with non-lead stabilisers.

Dyka ( UK) Ltd

DWI 56/4/374 Dyka BiOroc Pipe

Dyka B.V.

DWI 56/4/637 Dyka Grey PVC-U Pipe NGS

Hepworth Building Products

DWI 56/4/556 Hepworth PVC-A Hep3O (blue) - 16 mm to 710 mm

DWI 56/4/556 Hepworth PVC-U Watermain (grey) - 3/8th to 24 inches

Uponor Ltd

DWI 56/4/325 Mondial MOPVC pipe

DWI 56/4/658 Mondial PVC-O ( NGS) Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe

DWI 56/4/810 Mondial PVC-O (GS2) Molecular Oriented Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe

DWI 56/4/723 Uponor A-Tech ( PVC-A) Pipe

Wavin Ireland Ltd

DWI 56/4/600 Aquaforce (with non-lead stabiliser)

DWI 56/4/731 Wavinmain EN 1452 NGS

Wavin Plastics Ltd

DWI 56/4/581 Wavin Apollo (with Calcium Zinc Stabilisation)

B.1.4 Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer ( ABS)

Durapipe UK

WS 330/181 Durapipe ABS Pipe

DWI 56/4/590 Durapipe ABS Pipe Type F

George Fischer Sales Ltd

DWI 56/4/753 GFABS pressure pipe

B.1.5 Polyethylene terephthalate ( PET)

Wavin Plastics Ltd

DWI 56/4/435 Neofit

B.1.6 Glass reinforced plastic ( GRP) pipes

Future Pipe Industries B.V.

DWI 56/4/656 Wavistrong Series - for use upstream of a Reverse Osmosis unit only

Iniziative Industriali SpA (Sarplast)

DWI 56/4/666 Plastiwind - for use upstream of a Reverse Osmosis unit only

B.1.7 Cement mortar lined pipes

For Products in this section, the following conditions applies:
Before connection to the supply, the water undertaker or their appointed agent, must carry out tests to establish that migration from the cement mortar lining will not cause a contravention of the upper prescribed concentration for hydrogen ion in the relevant Regulations.

B.1.7.1 Cement Mortar Lined Pipes without seal coat

Frazer & Tabberer Ltd

DWI 56/4/713 FT Pipelines Cement Lined Pipes

Fuchs Rohr GmbH

DWI 56/4/434 CSP Water Pipes

Saint-Gobain Pipelines plc

DWI 56/4/283 Saint-Gobain Pipelines "System CL"


DWI 56/4/493 Sertubi Ductile Iron Pipe with Internal Lining in Blast Furnac Cement Mortar

B.1.7.2 Cement Mortar Lined Pipes with seal coat

Buderus Giesserei Wetzlar GmbH

DWI 56/4/625 Cement Mortar Lining coated with Hunting Waterline sealcoat

Electrosteel Castings Ltd

DWI 56/4/537 Electrofresh Plus Pipe lined with Copon Hycote 162 PWX

Frazer & Tabberer Ltd

DWI 56/4/559 CSP water pipe lined with Copon Hycote 162 PWX

Saint-Gobain Pipelines plc

DWI 56/4/283 Saint-Gobain Pipelines System XL

B.1.8 Pipes coated with factory applied nylon resin

Leyfos Plastics Limited

DWI 56/4/615 Rilsan Nylon Green Coated Pipes and Fittings

B.1.9 Pipes coated with factory applied epoxy resin

Barnard Ltd

DWI 56/4/710 Pipes lined with RESICOAT R4-FB HKC71R

DWI 56/4/601 Pipes lined with Scotchkote 206N

Barrier Limited

DWI 56/4/757 Barrier Pipeline lined with Copon Hycote 162 PWX

BSR Pipeline Services Ltd

DWI 56/4/661 BSR/EPW/003 - Pipegard P300

DWI 56/4/772 BSR/EPW/004 - Copon Hycote PWX

Conline Coatings B.V.

DWI 56/4/749 Conline Coatings Pipes lined with Copon Hycote 162 PWX

Freeflow Pipesystems

DWI 56/4/601 Pipes Lined with Scotchkote 206N

DWI 56/4/817 Pipes Lined with Resicoat R4-FB HKC71R

Noksel Steel Pipe Co Inc

DWI 56/4/832 Steel pipes coated with Copon Hycote 162PWX

Northpoint Ltd

DWI 56/4/602 Pipes lined with Scothkote 206N

DWI 56/4/659 Pipes lined with Resicoat R4-FB HKCO4R

Orrmac Coatings Limited

DWI 56/4/771 Pipes and Fittings lined with Resicoat R4-FB HKC71R

Pipeline Protection Services Ltd

DWI 56/4/605 Pipes lined with Copon Hycote 162 PWX

Plastic Coatings Ltd

DWI 56/4/606 Pipes lined with Scotchkote 206N

Saint-Gobain Pipelines plc

DWI 56/4/618 Saint-Gobain Pipelines PaM Natural Pipeline Components

B.1.10 Stainless steel pipes

ABC Stainless Ltd

DWI 56/4/542 Q Pipe System

AJ Engineering & Construction Services Ltd

DWI 56/4/561 AJE Stainless Steel Pipe Systems

Alpha Plus Ltd

DWI 56/4/692 Stainless Steel Pipework

Amari Metals Ltd

DWI 56/4/738 AAlco Stainless Steel Tubes

ASD Metal Services

DWI 56/4/876 ASD Stainless Steel tubes and pipes

Damstahl Stainless Ltd

DWI 56/4/715 Damstahl FF

DWI 56/4/715 Damstahl PT

DWI 56/4/719 Damstahl SE

DWI 56/4/719 Damstahl SP

DH Stainless Ltd

DWI 56/4/773 Stainless Steel Metric Bore and ANSI welded Pipes

Dustacco Engineering Ltd

DWI 56/4/647 DE Stainless Steel Systems

Gallagher & McKinney Ltd

DWI 56/4/616 Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings grades

GB Filters Ltd

DWI 56/4/820 Aries Managed Air System

George Green (Keighley) Ltd

DWI 56/4/699 Stainless Steel Pipework & Fittings - Flanged/Screwed - All diameters & Grades

J.K. Fabrications Limited

DWI 56/4/574 JKF 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Pipelines

Lancashire Fittings Ltd

DWI 56/4/523 Lancashire Fittings Stainless Steel Pipe

DWI 56/4/523 Lancashire Fittings Stainless Steel Tube

L.E.S Engineering Ltd

DWI 56/4/830 Pipework / Tanks / Vessels

MMP Fabrications Ltd

DWI 56/4/759 Stainless Steel Pipework

Outokumpu Stainless Ltd

DWI 56/4/516 Outokumpu Stainless Steel Pipes

Powerrun Project Management Ltd

DWI 56/4/782 Powerrun Fabricated 304L Stainless Steel Pipework

DWI 56/4/769 Powerrun fabricated stainless steel pipework

Sandvik Materials Technology Ltd

DWI 56/4/704 Sandvik 3R12

DWI 56/4/704 Sandvik 3R60

DWI 56/4/704 Sandvik 3R64

DWI 56/4/704 Sandvik 3R65

DWI 56/4/704 Sandvik 3R66

DWI 56/4/704 Sandvik SAF2205

DWI 56/4/704 Sandvik SAF2507

Scottish Water Solutions

DWI 56/4/722 Stainless Steel Borehole Riser Pipework

Stainless Metric Stock Ltd

DWI 56/4/569 Stainless Metric Stock - SMS100

Staptina Engineering Services Ltd

DWI 56/4/567 Staptina 316L Pipework

Vexamus Water Ltd

DWI 56/4/726 304 Stainless Steel Thin Wall Pipework 50NB to 1000NB

DWI 56/4/727 316 Stainless Steel Thin Wall Pipework 50NB to 1000NB

Weir Materials & Founderies

DWI 56/4/652 ZERON 100 super duplex stainless steel pipe work and components

Wolseley UK Ltd

DWI 56/4/819 Wolseley Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes

B.1.11 Coated pipes suitable for total immersion in water

Saint-Gobain Pipelines plc

DWI 56/4/604 Saint-Gobain Pipelines System XL

For the following product, the following condition applies:
Before connection to the supply, the water undertaker or their appointed agent, must carry out tests to establish that migration from the cement mortar lining will not cause a contravention of the upper prescribed concentration for hydrogen ion in the relevant Regulations .

DWI 56/4/604 Saint-Gobain Pipelines "System CL"

B.1.12 Pipes coated with a factory applied Polyolefin

Saint-Gobain Pipelines plc

DWI 56/4/823 Blutop


For products in this section the following condition applies:
These products are primarily intended for emergency use and are approved for limited use only and may not be permanently installed in, or used in conjunction with any system for treating or distributing public water supplies. If the proposed use will extend beyond a 90 day period of use on any one occasion, then advice from the DWI should be sought before installation and use.

NOTE: some of these products may be suitable for limited use during planned maintenance. In this case it is the responsibility of the water supplier to undertake a thorough risk assessment of the proposed use, including fitness-for-purpose and why other products, already fully approved under Regulation 31(4)(a) in England and Wales or Regulation 27 (4)(a) in Scotland or Regulation 30 in Northern Ireland 2007 cannot be used. Use of any of these products during planned maintenance shall be in accordance with the condition set out above.

B.2.1 Hoses

Snap-Tite Europe. B.V.

DWI 56/4/62 Layflat Emergency Hose - Type 122

B.2.2 Bowsers/tanks

JFC Manufacturing (Europe) Ltd

DWI 56/4/765 Emergency Water Tank

Kingspan Environmental Containers

DWI 56/4/736 Emergency Potable Water Storage Tanks

Trailer Engineering

DWI 56/4/707 Emergency Drinking Water Bowsers


DWI 56/4/825 Aquastax and Polytank

Emergency bowsers/tanks

DWI 56/4/693 Mobile bowsers/tanks

Whale Tankers Ltd

DWI 56/4/694 Medium Capacity Whale Drinking Water Bowser

DWI 56/4/662 Whale Drinking Water Bowser

B.2.3 Liner bag

Arlington Packaging (Rental) Ltd

DWI 56/4/796 Arlington 1000 Litre Bag-in-Box Combo Liner


DWI 56/4/849 1100LLA956

B.2.4 Treatment Chemicals

Treatment chemicals for use in emergencies are listed in section A.6


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