Approved products for use in the UK's public water supply

A list of the products approved for use in contact with drinking water in the UK.


The only products approved under Regulation 31(4)(a) in England and Wales and Regulation 27 (4)(a) in Scotland (and detailed in this List) are those that will be supplied directly to water suppliers for use in direct contact with water intended for human consumption. Materials used to make products used in water networks, treatment plants etc., are outside the scope of this remit and are not, therefore included in this List.

However it has proved helpful to manufacturers and suppliers of such products to provide details of suitable materials known not to have adverse effects on water quality or pose unacceptable health risks to consumers. Details of such "recognised materials" are incorporated into Advice Sheet 5, and cover particular grades of materials for use in the -

  • extrusion of thermoplastics pipes
  • factory application of coatings to products
  • manufacture/fabrication of stainless steel structures

Advice Sheet 5 explains, in detail, how applications for approval of products made from these recognised grades of specific material types are handled. The listing of recognised materials in the Annexes of this Advice sheet does NOT imply -

a) recommendation or approval of the material by DWI

b) that products made from the grades listed will have suitable fitness for purpose qualities for their proposed use

c) that no further testing will be required before a recommendation for approval can be made

NOTE - these materials have NOT been approved under the relevant Regulations , but are "recognised" as suitable for use in the manufacture of such products, subject to satisfactory results in any subsequent limited testing required. See Advice Sheet 5 for further information, including how to gain recognised status for a particular material -


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